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February 20, 2013

Hey! This is Twimarti, and I’m with Mayhem Erotica writer, K.I. Lynn.

Twimarti: Hi K.I. Lynn  Thanks for taking the time for the interview!

K.I. Lynn: Thanks for interviewing!

Twimarti: So let’s start with you – what made you become a writer? How did you get involved in writing?

K.I. Lynn: It all started with fanfiction. I began reading, and after a few months decided I wanted to give it a try. It turned out to be the best decision of my life. I finally found something I was passionate about.

Twimarti: So many authors get their start in fanfiction. 
Incidentally, that’s how I got my start as an editor  So, why go indie? Why did you choose to self-publish?

K.I. Lynn: In this day and age, the question is why not? I can put myself out there much faster and easier than with a traditional publisher.

Twimarti: How did you come up with your pen name?

K.I. Lynn: I was thinking about my pen name this last summer, weeks after losing my grandmother. Her name was Kathryn, and my other grandmother who passed two years before was Isabell. Lynn is just a bastardization of my real last name. It’s what people always think we say, so it makes things easier.

Twimarti: I always love to hear about how people come up with their pen names. So often it’s something near and dear to their hearts! Speaking of names, most people don’t realize how difficult it can be to name characters. How do you go about this process?

K.I. Lynn: It is difficult. I’ve started off with some of my favorite names, and I search for new ones. I have a baby name book I use as reference, and I also do a Yahoo search for top 100 names, or boys/girls names starting with a specific letter. Certain letters are harder, giving them more strength to the name. Names should reflect some of the characters personality, and sometimes it is very difficult to match them up. Last names can be even harder for the same reason.

Twimarti: I had a hard enough time naming my kids. I can’t imagine naming multiple characters for each story. What types of character’s do you prefer to write?

K.I. Lynn: Oh, so hard to decide on just one! With men, I prefer a dominant personality. One that has passion and need rolling off of him, a bit of a possessive streak for the woman he falls in love with. In a woman, I like one that is a bit snarky and fun loving, and can stand up against the dominant personality. She breathes life into the stuffy man.

Twimarti: Tell me about your writing process. How do you come up with the characters? What about plot?
K.I. Lynn: The writing process differs between projects – it all depends on what sparks it. Some of the time, an idea will come to me from a picture and it spirals from there. A plot grows and characters blossom, usually in the back of my mind without me even noticing it’s happening.



Twimarti: What projects are you currently working on?

K.I. Lynn: I am working on a short story called Whispers in the Dark, an office piece called Obsession, a ménage à trois piece, and I just completed my re-write of Breach, which is due out in March.

Twimarti: From an erotica standpoint, How do you prepare for writing a sex scene?

K.I. Lynn: Tumblr. There are a lot of good picture references to get the creative juices flowing.

Twimarti: There’s definitely some good material out there! How much does your own sexuality come into play when you’re writing?

​K.I. Lynn: It comes in quite a bit. My deepest and darkest desires come out in my writing. I let my inner pervert come out to play.

Twimarti: It must be great to have a creative outlet for that! What is the most erotic scene you’ve ever written?

K.I. Lynn: There are a few, some a bit more kinky than others, but many of my favorites comes from a fanfiction story called When Bunnies Attack. It’s just a silly piece, but the characters have such a strong chemistry that every time they get together, it is explosive. He is a bit dominating, and as punishment for not following one of his rules, she is forbidden to get off on anything other than him. For a girl who uses her vibe multiple times a day, she can’t handle it and is near delirious when he gets to her after work. He makes it worth the wait.

Twimarti: Obviously chemistry is important to your writing. As a reader, I find that very important too! What are the most important components to writing good erotica?

K.I. Lynn: That’s a tough question. One big thing is being able to portray the emotions that are going on. To make the writing come off the page so that the reader feels everything as well.

Twimarti: What other authors influenced the what or how you write?

K.I. Lynn: N. Isabelle Blanco

Twimarti: Favorite erotic novel by another author?

K.I. Lynn: I don’t have much time for reading, but I love the Allure series by N. Isabelle Blanco. She writes my kind of man! I’m so excited to read her soon to be released Blood Flows Deep in the Empire.

Twimarti: I’ll have to check her out! K.I, thank you so much for your time, and best of luck with Mayhem Erotica!!

K.I. Lynn: Thank you!

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