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Breach (Breach #1)

"It's dark, it's sensual and it's as erotic as they come... Shit that was good!"

- Laurynne @ CBL Reviews

"It was not just sex, sex, sex - it was emotion and challenge and fight. Sometimes, a person can only survive holding onto another like them trying to keep yourself on the surface of reality and not sink down."

- Glass @ Way Too Hot Books  


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Breach (Volume One)

His body was sin, his cock was sin, and I was a sinner.
To keep myself safe I hide in the world and let life move around me.
My new partner, Nathan, isn’t safe. Far from it.
The darkness coils around him, hidden by a shield created by a blinding smile. But those who live in darkness see past the façade we create.
Even in darkness, there is light. A spark that ignites, then explodes.
Every filthy word from his mouth, every possessive touch—I crave them, need them. Violent and passionate and everything I need to fill the void inside me, but one thing is missing.
He can never love me.
More than my heart is on the line, and I don’t know if I’ll survive our breach. 

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