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The Executive 

I loved this book. Give me an office romance with plenty of push and pull, a ton of chemistry and throw some revenge in for good measure and I guarantee I’ll be hooked and that was the case with The Executive.

The Executive completely sucked me in from the start. I love a good boss/employee romance, and this was that with a bit of a darker twist and an almost enemy to lovers feel to it, all wrapped up into one angsty, drama-filled story.


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The Executive

Business is king, and I have an empire to topple. 

Ivy is my new assistant and a threat to me. She’s my undoing. If ever I was to believe in a cosmic connection, it was the moment I met her.

For years I’ve had one goal--revenge. As CEO, I have crafted a strategic plan for business, but never a life beyond.

With one touch from her, the veil is lifted. Things are different, and every moment I’m near her, my world begins to change.

A wall of propriety keeps me from her. I need her as my pawn in this war, beside me in battle. Sharing the secrets of my enemies, and her desires in my bed. Her body to claim as mine.

Getting what I want has consequences.

Collateral damage is real.

In the game of crushing kings of men, I never planned on my heart being a sacrifice.

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