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Infraction (Breach #2)

Breach Series Reviews

"It's dark, it's sensual and it's as erotic as they come... Shit that was good!"

- Laurynne @ CBL Reviews

"It was not just sex, sex, sex - it was emotion and challenge and fight. Sometimes, a person can only survive holding onto another like them trying to keep yourself on the surface of reality and not sink down."

- Glass @ Way Too Hot Books  



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Infraction (Breach Volume Two)


My will to live is weak.
By all accounts, I should be dead, but somehow I made it through. Broken, battered, and barely hanging on, I’m forced to rely on the man who destroyed me. Recovery is a long road, and I’m not sure I can take it by his side, so I punish him, refusing to grant forgiveness.
But it’s still there—the spark. That incessant pull that I can’t escape.
The deepest scars of our hearts spill out. All the secrets we kept locked away are laid bare.
Everything is different. Time is running out.
All the infractions are catching up to us.

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