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Reciprocity (Breach #3)

Breach Series Reviews

"It's dark, it's sensual and it's as erotic as they come... Shit that was good!"

- Laurynne @ CBL Reviews

"It was not just sex, sex, sex - it was emotion and challenge and fight. Sometimes, a person can only survive holding onto another like them trying to keep yourself on the surface of reality and not sink down."

- Glass @ Way Too Hot Books  



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Reciprocity (Breach Volume Three)

Happiness is a four letter word.
I’ve never been happy before, never experienced love, until I met Nathan. He’s my happy place, and my husband.
Everything should be rainbows and unicorns, but it’s not.
The problem is, the past doesn’t stay buried, and ours is popping up in spades. 
A trial. A warning.
Reciprocity is at hand.
The battle for survival has begun.

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